Ningbo Dahua Grinding Wheel Co.,Ltd. Is a well known Chinese company specialized in Researching and producing resin abrasive products. It was found in 1996, mainly produce fiber reinforced resin cutting and grinding wheel, rail cutting and grinding wheel, ordinary resin grinding wheel, fiber glass etc. The factory has Industrial Production License and Independent Exporting License. In the past 20 years, it sales to more than 70 countries in the world and the quality of products is universally recognized.

The company passed ISO9001 Quality Management System and has perfect quality assurance system. The equipment are all advanced and reliable. Also, it has perfect raw material inspect, finished product inspection center and ...

We have ultra-thin cutting wheel, high-speed cutting-off wheel products with proprietary intellectual property rights.
Developed for Metal, Stainless steel and Precious metals Sharpness Good durabi...
A class aluminum oxide grains For metal cutting High security Sharpness Good durab...
Specially for metals A class aluminum oxide grains Good durability Not easy...
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Three Types of Commonly Used Cutting and Grinding Wheels

The cutting and grinding wheels are a useful tool for grinding, polishing or cutting a variety of materials. Grit discs, spiral wire brush , diamond wheels are greatly different in relation to material, speed, safety, power and size. It is essential to use the right disc to match the intended use. Grit Discs The grit discs are very commonly used tools for grinding and cutting the ...

Classification of china cutting discs

The china cutting disc is mainly classified into a fiber-cut resin sheet and a diamond-cut sheet according to materials. Classification of china cutting discs: 1. Resin cutting discs is made of resin as a binder, glass fiber mesh is bone, combined with various materials, alloy steel, stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut materials, the cutting performance is particularly remar...

How Does a Centerless Grinder Create Round Parts?

How did the centerless grinder and grinding wheel operate to create round parts, and how did the processing carrying on? We find some articles online written by the experts and technical staffs, and choose three feasible ways to share with you here. 1. The centerline of the work piece should be placed as high as possible on the blade. If the part were to be placed on a flat blade an...

How to Choose a Proper Flap Disc?

Flap discs are used for blending, grinding and finishing for an item. It is special for its low vibration in use, which means the operator experiences less fatigue. Flap discs can be made of a variety of abrasive grits, different abrasive densities, disc shapes and backing plate materials, etc., then how to choose a proper flap disc for some different uses? Abrasive grit A major as...

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